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L10N-Central doesn't shape just words, it shapes people!

Excellence can only be achieved by having a deep insight on what truly matters in this field!

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The success of a project depends on its people and it is only through constant learning and development that those people can lead you to success. The common belief made way to the idea that within the language service industry it suffices to know a foreign language in order to be a Professional Translator or to have communication skills in order to be a Project Manager. Nevertheless, high quality services require a properly trained team. L10N-Central decided to create a training process which focuses on this particular field.

Our Training Program consists of in-house modules that cover, among others:

An overview and comprehension of the processes involved;

Advanced training on CAT tools;

Time management & problem solving;

Familiarization with quality standards;

Client Focused and Well Documented Processes:

We work with documented procedures, detailing the controlled conditions under which the preparation, translation, production, uploading, and servicing processes are carried out, have been established: SOP 001: Project Management; SOP 002: Language Engineering; SOP 003: Translation and Editing; SOP 004: Quality Assurance Verification; SOP 005: Client Review Process; SOP 006: Desktop Publishing; SOP 007: Quality Control and Final Review / Delivery / Post-Delivery Maintenance; SOP 008: Training; and SOP 009: Translator Qualifications and Assignment. Each technical training takes into consideration the unique requirements of the Client and aims at highlighting the importance of forming professional employees on the language market. It takes more than inherent skills and theoretical knowledge to be an Expert.